clara löh

photo Einsteinstr. 62
Room 513
48149 Münster
fon +49/251/8333757
fax +49/251/8338370

I am a postdoc in the topology group of Prof. Dr. W. Lück at the mathematical institute of the WWU Münster.

My research interests include the investigation of simplicial volume, bounded cohomology, l^1-homology, and L^2-invariants; see also the project Measurable group theory and L^2-invariants in the SFB 878 -- Groups, Geometry and Actions .


WS 2010/2011 (probably at the Universität Regensburg)
SS 2010
WS 2009/2010 (Georg-August-Universität Göttingen)
(Further information can be found at stud.IP.)
SS 2009
WS 2008/2009
SS 2008
WS 2007/2008
WS 2005/2006

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